About RARE

We are RARE.

Airdrie’s Cannabis Store.

Hi! We are RARE Cannabis Co. 

We are a local, independently owned shop that is proud of our unique, terpene-forward and customer driven experience. RARE is not about Indicas, Sativas or Hybrids. It’s about being able to navigate moods and experiences to better find the high you desire.

We have poured our hearts and souls into building an experience and culture that lives for you – that lives to inform your recreational cannabis journey, and put you first.

We want to eradicate the tired old and inaccurate image of “lazy stoners”, and help you discover the beauty of balanced, functional highs that elevate and inspire your mood.

We want to share our passion for cannabis, spark a new conversation and empower our customers to take control of their cannabis journey.

We do good and we give back. Supporting and building up the community matters to us. We are proud and privileged to call Airdrie home. 

Serving our customers is a passion. We are Airdrie’s Cannabis Store.

RARE Cannabis Co. Airdrie’s local Recreational Dispensary

We are Airdrie’s cannabis store. Catch us at 5-213 Main Street N, Airdrie AB.

We have one of the best selections of weed in Airdrie.

How do we do it? We are your fellow smokers, tokers and straight up cannabis enthusiasts. We want to passionately share what’s good, so we can help you elevate your high in an informed and intentional way. We make shopping for weed easy, fun and engaging.

One thing we have learned, there is nothing to learn just by simply looking at the outside of recreational cannabis packaging. We are about terpenes, quality product and education. Our easy to navigate menu, and passionate Experience Guides help you find the perfect high every time.

Airdrie’s Cannabis Store

We carry an extensive collection of cannabis strains from a variety of brands. We focus on quality, good value, and we work to find out what kind of experiences you, our RARE family, want to explore at RARE.

Whether you’re looking for an eighth under $20, an ounce for $80, or some of the latest craft collections, you will find it at RARE. We stock amazing local brands like BOAZ, Poolboy, OGEN, Palm Gardens, Natural History, Grasslands, Top Leaf, Sugar Bud and Parkland Flower, just to name a few. We carry 100 different varieties of flower, and that’s just flower.

For the CBD lovers in the house, we strive to provide a healthy, balanced selection.

Vapes in Airdrie

Looking for a cannabis vape, Airdrie? You’ve come to the right place. We carry 40 different vape cartridges including PAX Era Pods so we are sure to satisfy the most discerning vape aficionados. Some popular hits include Good Supply Purple Monkey and Good Supply Pineapple Express; Back Forty Kush Mint, and Back Forty Forbidden Fruit.

For the CBD lovers, we carry as many quality CBD dominant vapes as we can get our hands on.

Pre-Rolls in Airdrie

Searching for the best selection of pre-rolls in Airdrie? Look no further. On average, we carry about 40 pre-rolls. From singles to 14 packs, we are always on the lookout for the best pre-rolls available in Alberta.

Some RARE family favourites include Shred Tropic Thunder 14 pack, Redecan Redees 10 packs, Riff Subway Scientist 7 Pack, and Vertical Cold Creek Kush 5 packs.

Edible Oils and Capsules in Airdrie

Are edible oils or capsules more your speed? Well Airdrie, look no further. We carry a VAST selection of THC, balanced and CBD oils. Oils are a fantastic way to try cannabis without having to smoke or vape the flower.

Right now, we are digging Medipharm’s THC & CBD oils, Solei’s new plus formulas, and Cove’s CBD oil.

Infused Edibles and Beverages in Airdrie

Let us be the first to tell you, we definitely have edibles. Chocolate and gummies are always a fan favourite, but we also carry ice cold beverages, teas for your high tea and even some super cool sublingual strips; think Listerine breath strip but infused.

Our RARE family really digs the Wana gummies, the Chowie Wowie Chocolates and of course XMG beverages are always a smash hit. Just in time for summer, we have the Watermelon and Citrus XMG sparkling sodas. Get ready for a lit summer.

Concentrates in Airdrie

Concentrates are definitely newer to the legal cannabis and Airdrie market. At RARE Airdrie, we try to carry the latest, greatest as well as our RARE family requests. Whether it’s kief, shatter, crumble, distillate or wax, we try to keep it stocked and fresh.

Infused Cannabis Bath and Body Products in Airdrie

Topicals are a great way to explore cannabis if you’re really not looking for the high! Body creams, bath bombs and intimacy oils are some of the offerings you can find to add to your self-care routine here in Airdrie.

 Seeds in Airdrie

Looking to grow your own cannabis in Airdrie? In Alberta, you can grow up to 4 plants per household.

We love to stock seeds for the cannabis enthusiasts or the canna curious. Find a delicious selection of photosensitive and auto flowering seeds at RARE for your own personal grow.

Click & Collect Your Stash, Airdrie

Did you know we were Airdrie’s first store to launch online shopping? It’s true, you can shop our live menu online and reserve your products for pick up in store. Remember to bring a valid government ID. Need help shopping online? Use our live chat tool to connect with one of our RARE Experience Guides! We are always happy to help!

Cannabis is known to have intoxicating effects and may become habit forming for some people. Cannabis may impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery when under the influence of cannabis. For 18+ only. Valid government ID’s are required. Keep cannabis locked up from children and pets at all time. Please consume responsibly.