FAQs are FAQs.

Cannabis is a beautifully complex plant. Trust us, it doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Our goal is to sort through the propaganda, misinformation and research available, so we can begin educating and breaking down the stigmas attached to recreational cannabis.

Golden Nugs of Information

Q I am looking to treat a medical condition with cannabis, can you help me?
A We are a recreational cannabis store. We are not qualified to help you with any of your medical concerns. If you would like to treat a medical condition with cannabis, please seek professional medical advice.

If you are worried about cannabis interacting with certain prescription medicines, please speak to your medical doctor or a pharmacist.
Q What is THC?
A The most famous of all of cannabis' cannabinoids, THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the dominant intoxicating compound found in cannabis. It produces the euphoric high synonymous with most people’s understanding and perception of the plant. It’s the reason cannabis can make you feel happy, euphoric, intoxicated and hungry.

Too much THC can make for an unpleasant experience, so always go slow and dose low if you’re new or sensitive to cannabis.
Q What is CBD (Cannabidoil)?
A CBD (Cannabidiol) is the dominant non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. It’s known for its non-intoxicating, clearheaded effects because it won’t get you high. CBD may also counteract certain effects of THC.
Q How do strains (Indica, Sativa, Hybrids) differ?
A Traditional categorization of cannabis is leading us astray. We’re led to believe that choosing an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid strain will predict the type of experience a certain strain of cannabis produces.

While these terms could be a good starting point to understand the type of experience you’re looking for, it is an inaccurate and out-dated way to select a strain of cannabis!
Simply put, these terms are the physical attributes of the different species of cannabis plants discovered centuries ago.

Sativa’s are the hemp plants discovered by Carl Linnaeus (aka the Father of Botany- no big deal) in 1753. They differ from Indica species because they are tall narrow-leaf varieties of cannabis with long flowering cycles of 10-12 weeks. Traditionally, they were thought to produce euphoric and uplifting effects.

Indica’s were discovered by famed French Naturalist, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in 1783. They differ from Sativa species because they are short-broad leaf varieties with flowering cycles of only 8 weeks – making them ideal for commercial growing. Traditionally, they were thought to produce a more sedating effect. You may often hear the saying: Indica? In the couch!

Hybrids are when two strains are crossed to create a new strain of cannabis. Traditionally, these hybrids would either be classified as Indica- or Sativa-dominant, but after decades of cross-breeding, there are very few “true Indica” or “true Sativa” strains. In fact, most commercially available strains are hybrids.
Q What are terpenes, and why are they important?
A Terpenes are the essential oils of the cannabis plant, and are found commonly throughout nature. They make cannabis smell and taste like berries, citrus, pine, fuel, etc, and play an important role in understanding cannabis because they can add to the unique properties of each strain.
Q What are the most common cannabis Terpenes?
A •Caryophellene – Smells like: Pepper, spicy, woody, cloves
•Limonene – Smells like: Citrus
•Linalool – Smells like: Floral, citrus, candy
•Mycrene – Smells like: Musky, cloves, earthy, herbal but with notes of citrus and tropical fruits
•Pinene – Smells like: Pine.
Q What is the Entourage effect?
A The entourage effect is the concept that the plant's individual components magnify each other, so that the benefits of the plant as a whole are greater than the sum of its parts; team work makes the dream work.
Q How is cannabis consumed?
A Cannabis can be consumed in a variety of ways! Some more popular ones include:
Inhalation: Pipes, Joints, Bongs, Vaporizers
Ingesting: taking capsules or creating edibles like brownies, salad dressings, cocktails, gummies etc.
Q What sort of side effects may I feel when consuming cannabis?
A THC creates effects that feel similar to that of alcohol, you will feel intoxicated. Some other side effects to be aware of include:
• Dry mouth
• Dry, red eyes
• Hunger AKA Munchies
• Sleepiness and lethargy
• Possible memory impairment
To lessen the possibility of experiencing these side effects, we recommend dosing low and going slow, and using strains with high CBD ratio to help manage THC’s less desirable side effects. At RARE, we love clear-headed, functional highs that balanced or CBD-dominant strains produce. Come and explore cannabis with your friendly RARE Experience Guide
Q Before visiting RARE, what should I know!?
A 1. NO ID, NO ENTRY. - Don't be mad, but we ID 40 years young and under. So if you come without your ID, we unfortunately will not be able to serve you.
2. Government ID's only - the only ID's we accept are valid government issued IDs. No interim driver licenses, no broken ID's and no expired IDs. Passports are accepted.
3. No minors and no babies - Look at shopping at RARE as some well deserved "me time", and leave your littles at home.
4. We are dog friendly! Feel free to bring your friendly pups in for a visit.
5. Be ready to go on a cannabis adventure. Our friendly RARE experience guides are here to help you navigate your cannabis journey. So come on in with an open mind and open heart to new, and fabulous experiences.

Stay Legit, Know the Law

Q What is the legal age to purchase cannabis?
A In Alberta, you must be 18+ to purchase cannabis, and have a valid piece of government ID.
Q Where can I buy cannabis?
A Say see yah to your deala' because cannabis is legal only when purchased from a licensed retail location, or on the Alberta Government’s Cannabis Website.
Q What sort of legal products can I purchase at a retail store?
A In 2019, you will find these products available for legal purchase:
• Dried flower
• Oils
• Capsules
• Seeds
• Pre-rolls
Edibles and topicals will not be available for purchase until late 2019 - early 2020
Q How much cannabis can I possess at one time?
A 30 grams is the most you can buy or carry at one time.
Q Can I consume cannabis publicly?
A In Airdrie, Cannabis can only be consumed at a private residence or the designated Cannabis Consumption Site: 269 Sierra Springs Dr. SE.
This excludes condominium units and apartments which are subject to rules and regulations set by condo boards.

Cannabis cannot be consumed on any commercial, industrial, recreational or institutional property that is not a private residence.

Q Can I grow my own plants?
A Sure! But only 4 plants can be grown per household.
Q Can you consume cannabis and drive?
A Hell no. That just ain’t cool.
Q Can I take my minor into a cannabis store while I shop?
A Nope, it’s a baby and kid-free zone. So leave the littles at home.
Q Where can I learn more about cannabis and legislation?
A • The Alberta Governments Cannabis Legalization website
• The official AGLC website
• Our blog has some great information as well