Valentine’s Day At RARE Cannabis Co.

Posted in: RARE Updates | Posted on: February 12, 2020

It’s that time again! Valentine’s Day is back. If you’re thinking about what to get that cannabis-loving partner of yours a great present, well look no further. We’ve crafted a list of the sexiest and most romantic things you can do to set the mood this Valentine’s Day. 

One: DIY CBD Massage Oil

If you’re looking for a creative gift to make for your loved one, CBD massage oil is perfect. It’s simple to craft but will leave your bae full of the feels because you took the time to understand how much they deserve a good massage. 

Check out these super sexy massage oil inspirations that will have you and your partner hitting the high notes this Valentine’s Day! 

Two: DIY CBD Bath Bombs for a Sultry Bath

After a long day at work, your sweetheart deserves to take a little bath and relax. Not only that, preparing for a Valentine’s Day date can be stressful so why not help them chill before your activities for the evening! Make them a beautiful CBD bath bomb with your own hands! Plus! Nothing is more sensual than a bath for two! Check out this great video that walks you through how to make your own CBD bath bombs using just a few ingredients you can find at your local store.

Want to watch a demonstration on how they’re made? Click here for a great YouTube video.

Three: DIY homemade chocolates

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together as well as CBD and THC! Make your love some sweet treats and feed them chocolates to enjoy a night full of romance.

Interested in watching a video on how to make cannabis-infused chocolates? Click here now. Don’t forget, edibles take between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to kick in, so make sure to dose low and go slow. 

Four: Craft a sexy infused dinner

Everyone loves having dinner made for them, and why not spice yours up a bit and infuse your dinner with cannabis! When selecting a meal, you need to make sure you know how to calculate the correct dosage for each dish and lucky for you, there is an extremely easy to understand guide here

Because it’s Valentine’s Day, take into account what your sweetie’s favourite dish is and create a whole theme from that! Do they love tacos? Mexican night. Are they a fan of crepes and french friends? France theme. Spaghetti? Everyone loves Italian. If you’re looking to get extra romantic, look for finger foods that you can feed to each other. The possibilities are endless when you incorporate canna-butter!

Five: Set the mood with a balanced oil

If you’re looking to get your partner into the mood, this is a great chance for you to make them some sexy oils that are going to get the juices flowing. The most important decision is that you will need to decide on what type of cannabis you’re going to be using. You can consult one of our RARE Experience Guides if you need some assistance with this!

Six: Gift Idea: Pax 3 with a special engraved message 

Is your honey looking for a new way to smoke weed? Then you’re in luck, grab them a PAX3 dry herb vapourizer and give them the gift of a good, clean high.There are so many reasons to consider investing in a dry herb vape:

  • You can take it higher – vaping is a more efficient way to get high as you’re not losing tasty terpenes and coveted cannabinoids to combustion 
  •  Save all sorts of green – vaping allows your stash to last longer, you’re not burning as much bud or money!
  • Flavour – savour the amazing aromas and flavours of cannabis  – it’s literally a game-changer.
  • Plus, a PAX3 complete kit comes with a concentrate insert, so if your honey is looking forward to legal rosins or shatters,it’s already future proofed for them!

But wait! There’s more! This Valentine’s Day, RARE is giving you a chance to make their PAX3 even more special by using a laser engraver to personalize your purchase. The engraver is at RARE until just after Valentine’s Day.

Seven: Magical Butter Machine 

This gift is the one that keeps on giving! If your partner is a DIY person and loves making things, then make their cannabis infusing heart’s desire come true! The magic butter machine will make it incredibly easy to create amazing edibles, lotions or tinctures. If you want to get yourself a gift instead, it’s also perfect for making your sweetie some infused chocolates (see number three!) this Valentine’s Day!

This was not written by a medical professional. If you’re looking for some of that, please go see your doctor! Please use cannabis responsibly.