FAQs are FAQs.

Cannabis is a beautifully complex plant. Trust us, it doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Our goal is to sort through the propaganda, misinformation and research available, so we can begin educating and breaking down the stigmas attached to recreational cannabis.

Golden Nugs of Information

Q I am looking to treat a medical condition with cannabis, can you help me?
A We are a recreational cannabis store. We are not qualified to help you with any of your medical concerns. If you would like to treat a medical condition with cannabis, please seek professional medical advice.

If you are worried about cannabis interacting with certain prescription medicines, please speak to your medical doctor or a pharmacist.
Q Before visiting RARE, what should I know!?
A 1. NO ID, NO ENTRY. - Don't be mad, but we ID 40 years young and under. So if you come without your ID, we unfortunately will not be able to serve you.
2. Government ID's only - the only ID's we accept are valid government issued IDs. No interim driver licenses, no broken ID's and no expired IDs. Passports are accepted.
3. No minors and no babies - Look at shopping at RARE as some well deserved "me time", and leave your littles at home.
4. We are dog friendly! Feel free to bring your friendly pups in for a visit.
5. Be ready to go on a cannabis adventure. Our friendly RARE experience guides are here to help you navigate your cannabis journey. So come on in with an open mind and open heart to new, and fabulous experiences.

Stay Legit, Know the Law

Q What is the legal age to purchase cannabis?
A In Alberta, you must be 18+ to purchase cannabis, and have a valid piece of government ID.
Q Where can I buy cannabis?
A Say see yah to your deala' because cannabis is legal only when purchased from a licensed retail location.
Q How much cannabis can I possess at one time?
A 30 grams is the most you can buy or carry at one time.
Q Can I grow my own plants?
A Sure! But only 4 plants can be grown per household.
Q Can you consume cannabis and drive?
A Hell no. That just ain’t cool.
Q Can I take my minor into a cannabis store while I shop?
A Nope, it’s a baby and kid-free zone. So leave the littles at home.
Q Where can I learn more about cannabis and legislation?
A • The Alberta Governments Cannabis Legalization website
• The official AGLC website